"Dorothy's Vision

is Our Mission"

AV Home Care Services supports the needs of frail elderly, disabled and recuperating adults as they strive to live independently in their own homes. Through "Dorothy's Gift," home care assistance is available to many more people than traditional funding sources can help. Dorothy gave us the notion and our "seed" money of $5 back in 2005.  Since then, we have seen how a grateful heart like her own can change the world.

Every Bit Counts


Donating multiplies time and money infinitely more than we can measure! It's peace of mind. Now you can help.

2018 goals

We're expanding! We plan to double the number of clients who receive help through Dorothy's Gift!

Commit to becoming part of "Dorothy's Gift." Consider donating even a few dollars monthly to Dorothy's cause and know that even in 2018...


A LITTLE ABOUT Dorothy's Gift