“Dorothy’s Gift,” now our charitable fund, is intended to fill the need when no other options are readily available. In fact, many people have benefited from our humble little “cookie jar” of help, and it has yet to go empty!  Each year, AV Home Care Services provides services to those in need of personal care, respite, companionship and homemaking (who do not qualify for state or federal programs) by using our discretionary funds in “Dorothy’ Gift.” Each year, a few more contributors join us in keeping the good work going by sending donations monthly, or at Christmas, or whenever they are moved to do so.

Therefore, if you wish to donate to AV Home Care Services, there are many ways to do it, and we appreciate them all! From memorial donations to yard sale donations to estate bequests, your gifts bolster us so that we can continue to serve the next generations of home care recipients, employ our up-and-coming generations of in-home workers and build on the provider network locally so that it is most responsive in every person’s time of need.

If you wish to give to AV Home Care Services' “Dorothy’s Gift,” please know that all of the monies we receive, are used for in-home services “for someone who needs it. ” Of note, our Dorothy who had celebrated her 100th birthday, continued giving until her death a month later.  She continues to inspire us with her unassuming way, her intention to help and her gratitude. Thirteen years ago, she was moved to share the good. Many lives later, she has.

Dorothy's Gift is a tax-exempt charitable organization (Tax ID: 02-0460864) and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

For donations to "Dorothy's Gift," please enter reason for your donation (memorial, annual appeal letter, fundraising event etc..) and details  such as your mailing address in the message box below to ensure we send proper acknowledgement before clicking the Donate button.  Thank you!

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